Light therapy

Commonly known as "Light Box Therapy", specialized lamps that emit specific intensities and wavelengths of light have been used effectively for years in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) . Growing research has suggested that this simple and effective treatment can be used to elevate mood and increase energy levels for many other patients living in cities at high latitudes, particularly in climates with low light levels.

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Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an evidence-based medical procedure performed by Dr. Masci that is a safe alternative to medications for patients with difficult to treat depression. Insurance will cover treatment for patients with a history of depression who have not achieved full remission from symptoms with medications alone. There is typically little to no cost to patients, treatments are under 20 minutes, and side effects are minimal. TMS boasts a response rate close to 70%, a remission rate near 50% and is non-invasive. Informational consultations with our TMS coordinator and technician are available free of charge, even for patients new to Landmark Health Systems. Additional information is available through Neurostar, the makers of our state-of-the-art TMS system. 

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career/life coaching

Counseling and psychotherapy have traditionally been used to treat mental health disorders, but finding purpose and direction in life is a universal human need. Honest evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, values and preferences is the first step to determining a new path. Sometimes you just have to ask the right questions.