Nutrition and weight management consultation

Professional assistance for patients with weight loss goals, metabolic disorders like diabetes, and difficult dietary restrictions is now available. A non-judgmental, flexible, and well-trained nutrition trained nurse will provide feedback, education, and strategies to meet each individual's goals. Medications are now available to assist in weight management goals that approach the issue from a number of different angles. Weight related medications include Saxenda, Contrave, Vyvanse, Naltrexone, and antidepressants. Health focused counseling services are available to complete the treatment team.

genetic testing and pharmacist consultation

Genetic testing can now be used as a tool to inform the difficult decisions involved in psychiatric medication management. Patients who have tried multiple medications without positive results or who have experienced side effects from multiple medications may benefit from genomic testing in order to assist in the selection of medications. Our specially trained staff pharmacist will provide consultation and recommendations based on the test results in order to maximize benefit to the patient. All medical marijuana patients have access to pharmacy consultations with Dr. Maria Janda as a part of their treatment.  As a doctor of pharmacy, she is able to make recommendations for patients who are prescribed multiple medications in an effort to reduce or streamline the total number of medications. Patients with multiple medical conditions can be at risk of side effects or drug-drug interactions that could be prevented by professional pharmacist review of all medications, including non-psychiatric medications. 

Formal psychological testing

Dr. Michael Infranco is a psychologist who completed his PhD training at SUNY Buffalo and is the newest addition to the Landmark Health Systems team. He is able to offer formalized, objective (non-opinion based) testing that help patients and clinicians clarify diagnoses and identify additional elements of personality and behavior that can be addressed in treatment. We are expanding the scope of these services, so patients are encouraged to inquire by phone or in-person as to options and availability.